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4.9 out of 5
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18 Ratings

Scaper1812 ,

Epic! Heartfelt! Powerful! Vivid!

This album was something totally unexpected for me, I mean I love the band but I wasn't expecting to be so moved the very first time I put it on. Very rarely will I sit and give my total attention to a full play through of an album, but one-eyed doll is the exception. From the first note to the last drum beat this album breathes a life of its own and sets a tale far beyond anything you could expect. The riffs are killer, the drums are spectacular, the sound quality of the album is off the charts. I listened to it via headphones the other day and I heard things I hadn't heard before that make the music and story that much more addictive and mesmerizing. The tracks range from heartfelt sorrow over various Salem witch trial events to riotous rocking about the brutality of mistaking nature for the occult. The vocals range from almost angelic to devilish and profound while the layering of everything comes in and crashes over you like a massive wave engulfing you in this event. I cannot recommend this album highly enough!

greenexile ,

Catchy! Fun! Very Kimberly!

I dig this cd. It’s like a box of sprinkled donuts; it’s colorful and never disappoints. Kimberly and junior are a very good duo on this album or any album they make. If you like bacon…then this album is just as fun, but not-fattening. If you saved money by switching to Geico, then you have the bucks to add this to your mp3 player. You can also put Witches onto a cd and rock out in your car. Other cds that are disappointing will become a coaster for you beverage... but not this album. If you like it I will send you a free weiner dog (offer expires yesterday… but the awesomeness of Witches will never expire). -"Fish"

Scottsmen ,


This is by far their best album as well as the others. One-Eyed Doll never disappoints and i highly recommend buying this album

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