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3 Ratings

ThatTenorSax ,


There are too many emotions in my mind for me to be able to pinpoint the right words to describe this anthem, but the one that pops in my head is satisfying. Although to some this comparison may seem extreme, I say that WiSH VOYAGE is like Tokyo Ghoul’s Season 1 and :Re openings, in the sense that both convey the true of emotions of a fan girl/boy. I would love to say that this song is IDOLiSH7’s alma mater, however, that title already goes to MEMORiES MELODiES. This song is not the theme song, since that, in my opinion, goes to MONSTER GENERATiON. This song, along with REALiZE, deserve special titles like the previously mentioned songs, so the best I can say is that WiSH VOYAGE is the IDOLiSH7 anime’s alma mater, but even that’s a bit of a stretch. Through my experience, WiSH VOYAGE is the kind of song that you expect to be and hope to be at the season finale of a show or anime; a song that leaves the viewer with a happy and prideful ending, but also one that lets the audience know that the ending is only the beginning. WiSH VOYAGE definitely stands out from the franchise because not only does it have a good rhythm and beat, the melody combined with the lyrics’ message create a song with empowering emotions.

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