7 Songs, 39 Minutes


Their towering suite shows death metal in flux.


Their towering suite shows death metal in flux.


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5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Morgaledh ,

They've done it again

Long-form, melodic death metal at its finest, no question. The album hasn't quite got the hooks of, say, 'The Promethean Song' or 'Where the Last Wave Broke' but what it might occasionally lack in individual focus it more than makes up for with sheer epic soundscapes. As close to progressive death metal as melodeath can get while still remaining straightforward death metal. Perfect usage of synths to bring out the crunching lines and riffs, the vocals are clear while classic death metal growls, some of Niilo's best work in his trademark mid-to-upper range. Clean choruses sometimes add contrast as each track moves like surging waves of force and recoil. Somehow Insomnium manages to retain the same formula its used for melodeath in each of its albums without ever getting stale, and this concept album breaks new ground for them while staying true to what has made them great. This might even serve as a perfect introduction to the band, since everything that is Insomnium is in this record, though "Above the Weeping World" set the standard for everything they've done since. "Winter's Gate" is a worthy successor to a long line of Insomnium albums that have defined the cutting edge of melodeath for a long time. Long may they reign.

Andrew down ,

Truly A Masterpiece.

This is simply an amazing album by what I consider to be the best band in existence. This album is one long and meaningful story that is perfectly woven together; the track changes never feel awkward. Well done Insomnium! The immense effort put into these songs are vastly appreciated by your fans. You have somehow managed to exceed my already high expectations. Thank you!

doesnthavetobeamazingtobegood ,


It's a concept album, sounds like where they've been headed all along. Makes perfect sense. They don't do all the work for you, though - requires personal involvement/multiple listens. It pays off big time...classical. Great music from incredible songwriters.

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