Wild Flag (Bonus Track Version)

Wild Flag (Bonus Track Version)

This indie-rock supergroup features guitarist Carrie Brownstein and drummer Janet Weiss from Sleater-Kinney, Helium guitarist Mary Timony, and keyboardist Rebecca Cole, who played drums for the Elephant Six-related Minders. Together they crank out just the right amount of harmony and dissonance. Tension rises and gorgeous melodies float to the surface. There’s a garage-rock spell cast upon the recordings, but also a pop sweetener to tracks such as “Boom,” where a manic panic takes hold, “Electric Band,” where the retro keyboards actually add aggression, and “Black Tiles,” where a vague boogie riff meets up with the wall of Velvet Underground-styled organ. “Romance” throws in a classic chorus to relieve the rough jungle beat that dominates the verses. “Something Came Over Me” sprinkles gentle harmonies into the maelstrom of swirling guitar notes that are reminiscent of Sonic Youth at their most scenic. “Glass Tambourine” pumps out more delightful fuzz guitars. “Racehorse” builds into an anthem. The bonus track, “Oh Yeah,” is a smoother, mildly ethereal pop number. A fantastic debut album.

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