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4.2 out of 5
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27 Ratings

machetemachete ,

if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem

I'm not completely sure yet if this is a five star album, but I couldn't resist the urge to offset the ratings of the fools before me. I got this record last week, and after gleefully tearing open the box I put it on. I wasn't so gleeful by the end of my listening session. This album hits closer to all of the feelings and emotions that Adult.'s earlier efforts displayed. Why Bother? isn't as accesible as previous albums, but that makes it all the more addictive. It's challenging, and that's refreshing. It's about the disgust we should all be feeling for our current state of affairs, i.e. the war, media obsession, edging ever closer to completely losing our humanity, etc. The sounds are spookier than ever, more sinister beats, and Nicola Kuperus delivers her lines with a voice that is ever expanding in range. This is the soundtrack to our contemporary American horror movie, but it's not a movie, sweetie. Why Bother? You tell me.

McKain ,

This is all my fault.

A few years back, on my birthday, I went and saw Adult. at the Ottobar in Baltimore. I got really really drunk, talked to Nicola after the show and, in a slurred stupor, called them "electroclash"...I regret it to this day. She wasn't too happy about that...Their albums are progressively distancing themselves from electroclash (as if that were still a term). This album is miles ahead of the D.U.M.E. ep and Anxiety Always.

That said, I personally prefer the Resuscitation sound to this...Nicola just sounds better when she's talking instead of screaming. Nonetheless, Why Bother? is ballsy and strange...and that's something that can't be said about too many American electronic artists.

ersatz ,

once again

ADULT. continues to reinvent themselves, always moving darker and more uneasy, true fans will love this, those stuck in Hand to Phone or nausea wont.

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