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Upozornění pro rodiče: explicitní texty.


Upozornění pro rodiče: explicitní texty.

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4.9 z 5
Hodnocení: 11

Hodnocení: 11

mackey199 ,


I love this cd. The bronx step up from last cd and really got a hold of it. This cd is so dope.

BrianSwaldi ,

Wrong Album Review

I don't know how I'm the first one to point out that this is the wrong album review, but there it is. The above album review is for IV, not II.

This album starts off a little weak. It takes a while to settle in, but it gets better quickly and continues to improve as the album progresses.
On the positive side, this album has good energy. Though they are screamy, it's not mindless screaming like many of their contemporaries. There's a method to this maddness. Not many vocalists can scream and sound good at the same time, but it works for this guy.
Not much to say on the negative side. This album is not quite rock enough and still too much angry and weak punk. It's just a bit too raw and angry on their second outing. They continue to grow, however from album to album. By IV, they mellow just a touch and grow musically to master class showcasing superior song writing and a deft rock touch with just the right amount of nuanced punk thrown in.

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