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Kandungan Eksplisit Pengawasan Ibu Bapa Dinasihati


Kandungan Eksplisit Pengawasan Ibu Bapa Dinasihati

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187 Penilaian

187 Penilaian

Jernell ,

Smooth as fresh butta!

Donell Jones has been making great music for well over a decade, but this album made him a true STAR! So many of the smooth ballads and uptempo songs are what make his music on the short list of my R&B favorites. If you want an album to chill to...buy this one! I can still listen to "Have You Seen Her" and think of the slow dancing and romantic evenings with my special someone! "I Wanna Love U" is yet another slow ballad that captures your heart and holds onto it all in the first verse. U Know What's Up (version featuring Left Eye) is a classic uptempo club song! And I remember "Where I Wanna Be" as one of the most honest songs ever made. Still a great album and underappreciated artist!

Eve 164 ,

Amazing Album!!

A True Classic 👏👏👏

Lalala.. ,

Donell Jones.

Talk about an underrated artist, his voice is amazing. And the track 'Where I Wanna Be' never gets old, definately one of the best songs I've heard in awhile.. and it's over 10 years old. Still good to this day. This album is gets a 'wow' reaction in a very, very good way!

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