When We Were Us - The 1st Mini Album - EP

When We Were Us - The 1st Mini Album - EP

Is there a statute of limitations in K-pop that governs whether a subunit can still technically “debut” after they’ve been part of a larger group for 14 years? SUPER JUNIOR’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung (aka K.R.Y.) aren’t waiting to find out. When We Were Us is their official debut mini-album, a concentrated shot of balladry and slow jams from members of K-pop’s beloved group. The trio merges sentimental and centrifugal forces on “When We Were Us,” “Way to Busan,” and “Home,” all lush Korean ballads. There is a light New Orleanian spring to “The Way Back to You,” while “Midnight Story” is a patio serenade after a late night—a jazz guitar and dandy pursed-lip whistle providing added atmosphere.

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