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Tardifbot ,

Best of The Best!

As one of th most important artists of the 80's radio sythn scene, Howard's global success is one of the reasons that even in 2017, he's still able to sell out tours every two years, crank our quilaty albums about every three years, and is always asked to headline many of the Retro Music festivals when not on his own tours or producing a new generation of artists. This is the first comprehensive Greatest Hits every, as the mainstream market may not know many of his club and alternative radios hits after he fought to be released from his Warner Brothers contract, as well as the battle that ensued to get his tracks back in his possesion. Once he received them back into his possession, Howard had all of his Warner albums remastered, including the two 12"ers Compilations and the Action Replay EP of remixes, and put out affordable box sets with every track and every remix including many DJ only club mix of super rare releases like "Powerhouse."

Starting with track 20 on this compilation, you'll begin to hear cronologically what Howard was working on and releasing on his own award winning label deTox Records, London. And becuase Howard is a constant innovator and has to be experienced live, a few additional live performances and a remix have been supplied.

So is this album perfect? No. Fans may be slightly sad to see that "Someone You Need" Howard's massive radio hit duet with Dunkin Sheik, has been replaced with the all Howard version which appeard on the Ordinary Heros album. It was probably a licensing issue between the two labels. So that's unfortunate as the duet is superior version giving the tug of emotions between the two singers. Lastly, it's great to see that Howard has honored his fans by including a couple deep tracks that were always fan favorites but rarely performed out at gig until later. Tracks like "Speciaity" off the Dream Into Action Album (one of my all time favorites) and "Little Bit of Snow" a techincal UK only release. However, surprisingly the only "single" to be left off was the track "Lovers & Angles" which only appeared on the album called Lovers & Angles" in Japan where the amazing dance and remix single by the same name was released. Fan will quickly point out that album "Lovers & Angles" with some track shuffling and a few additions, eventually became the album, "People" one of Howard's most sucessful deTox released albums after his days with WB. Only to be outdone by his 'return to sythn' extravaganza album Revolution of the Heart, an instant classic. If you are not familar with much of Howard's work after the WB days, I suggest you check out some of the amazing music from track #20 on, including the heart wrenching "Soon You'll Go", a song written to his daughter as she moved from their home and head to college. The use of the Men's Chior in the middle will bring anyone with eveb half a heart to tears. Please note that the big night club hits that Howard had in the late 90's and 2000 as the featured or sometimes sampled vocals, do not appear on here becuase they are not technically his tracks. But those hits would sure round out this collection if for nothing more than to continue to show the impact Howard had on radio & dance floors for more than 30 years. Rock on Hojo! - Matt Consola

Edweird ,

The Best

This is the most solid hits collection by HoJo. If you're a real fan, you most likely already have these tracks but the remaster quality is stellar! "U NO 👁 ❤️ U" rocks!

brian_120173 ,


This is Howard's first career-spanning compilation of all of hits. All songs are remastered and sound great. A must-buy for long-time fans and new fans alike.

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