Editors’ Notes This Tulsa, Oklahoma four-piece formed under the name Crew before relocating to Nashville and changing their name. SafetySuit play post-grunge radio-rock with tinges of Britpop wit in the song crafting. Frontman Douglas Brown's mature and contained vocals are able to convey heavy and heartfelt emotion without resorting to vocal gymnastics or melodramatic screaming. “Someone Like You” opens their debut with sparkling guitars and Brown inflecting impassioned lyrics that sound both demure and pretty. “Stay” is a readymade hit ballad with a sublime string section and hushed marching drums playing under Dave Garofolo’s guitarscapes that wind and blend crunchy distortion and washy shoegazer effects with taste and finesse. “Anywhere But Here” is another ballad that finds Brown using less subtlety in the poetry of his lyrics, but if the Goo Goo Dolls have taught us anything, it’s that these kinds of straightforward serenades have the power to accompany big-budget Hollywood film soundtracks, so who knows?