We Love You So Bad

We Love You So Bad

Had The Jesus and Mary Chain been around in the 1960s and recorded in New York’s Brill Building (where writers and producers churned out mega-hits for artists from The Monkees to The Shangri-Las to Neil Diamond), it’s quite possible the result would sound like this. But it’s 2011 in Oakland, Calif., and Kids on a Crime Spree—with transplanted Swede Mario Hernandez as the leader of the pack—have dug up the past and put it in a blender for our enjoyment. The reverb-drenched, bittersweet bounce of “I Don’t Wanna Call You Baby, Baby,” the noise-encrusted JAMC nod “Impasto,” and the Phil Spector—flavored “Jean Paul Sartre 2” stand out alongside the darkly sweet post-punk jitter of “Trumpets of Death” and “It’s in My Blood.” Peeling back the fuzz on the lulling, blissful “Dead Ripe” reveals the pop genius of KOACS. Among all these treats, the perfectly titled “Sweet Tooth” is the most sublimely addictive, its exuberant, hand-clapping good time demanding repeated use of the “play” button. The only crime being committed by these kids is getting us hooked on the good stuff.

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