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56 Ratings

Scandeleyezz ,

Great Song Jackie!

This is your time to shine : )

mj luuvver ,


Way to come back Jackie! This is not my favrite, but i hope to hear more from you. You have a beautiful voice overall. Love u. Hugs

IrisMG ,


Jackie Jackson and his brothers came up during a time when you made it purely on the sound of your God-given voice, not on electronic vocal trickery. Pitch correction software such as Auto-Tune® isn't used on a singer with skills, but rather on those with no vocal training! So, when I downloaded this song and heard it I was like, why? Jackie has a beautiful natural tenor that doesn't need all this embellishment. It sounded almost comical, like when Cher came out with her hit song, "Believe" a few years ago.

It's not that I don't dig gimmicky songs, I'm a child of the Funkadelic era, after all! But when someone's got a naturally beautiful high tenor like Jackie Jackson, why hide it behind electronics? His late brother never did (to my knowledge).

What to do? I love Jackie but I hate Auto-Tune® with a passion. I also appreciate a danceable song with a good message. I want to support the Jackson 5 alumnus because I've been a fan since 1970 and he hasn't had a song out in a dog's age, but this is a dance song, such as one would find in a club, where quality really isn't of the utmost importance. And I know, Cher's song was a very big hit, so if sales are what they're going for, well I wish him luck! But a song like this from one of the classic Motown artists makes me sad. I'd feel better about this song if a version were released without the embellishment. Maybe when he compiles his album, he'll give me a proper ballad and show off that beautiful voice NATURALLY. I feel like I'm on American Bandstand - I gave it a 3. It's OK. Gotta be honest, no matter how much I like an artist.

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