6 Songs, 20 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
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59 Ratings

janieisVIP ,

Trust and listen to Winner

As expected, Winner did not disappoint! The Summer Kings have returned!

This mini EP is such a blessing and every song is a bop! It was a long time waiting for this EP but I think it’s actually perfect for this season.

AH YEAH is such a catchy song. Even though it’s a cold breakup song they make it sound so happy. LOL.

ZOO is a bossa nova track that’s so perfect to listen to on a summer night. I’ve been secretly wanting Winner to do a bossa nova track so when Mino introduced it and said that it’s a bossa nova track I was already super excited about it, and it’s as great as I expected.

MOLA is a fast beat song and JINU’s vocals💙 this track is gonna be on my workout list cause it makes me want to do Tabata 😄

BOOM has a very good chill tempo but during the chorus it explodes and makes you want to bop your head.

Bonus tracks are truly a gift for their fans. So much sentimental meaning to all inner circles. Everyday remix used for their concert tour and brings back all sorts of feelings 💙💙💙💙 First Love a song that should have been released a year ago but even when the company didn’t want to release it, Winner still did all they could to get their fans an actual release because they know how much their fans love the song! Feeling so warm and fuzzy! Thanks Winner for always doing so much for your fans! You always know how to make us happy! 🥰😘

Romino5 ,


Winner is amazing!!! This EP Is a gem... Lets only walk the flowery roads...

Rawkprincess101 ,

My babies! Noona is proud!

Yet again, another big achievement for them! I know Yoon and Mino are perfectionists when it comes to music and this album is just a BOP! I’m so proud of them! Although they are in YG, I hope they only walk on a flower road! This noons loved you all soooo much!