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1 Rating

msv81 ,

Unconventional & Fresh Horror Film; Great Score!

Any horror fan who hasn't already seen this absolute GEM should immediately seek it out (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, PSN, etc. are all viable choices with little to no difference in rental/purchase price).

The score can generally make or break these types of films, to varying degrees, anyway. Either it'll include ambient or distorted electronic, industrial-esque soundscapes & the occasional inclusion of some miscellaneous rock/country/rap/etc. tracks which feel entirely out of place - goofy, and as a result, downright stupid, even.

Or, a horror score - such as the one for "We Are Still Here" - provides a fundamental atmosphere for the brutal, extremely horrifying, blood-fueled violence & utter chaotic, hellish visions witnessed on screen. "Jump scares" through sudden, loud instrumentation be damned. Neither the film itself nor the phenomenal score that makes it so utterly insane waste time with "jump scare" nonsense (unlike the vast majority of the crap deemed 'horror' these days).

I strongly recommend purchasing this score if you enjoyed what you heard (or should go hear!) during the film's 110-minute running time. The sole missing track here is the random 60's era-sounding song that contains actual vocals in the movie. Seeing as how it's played at two different (and pretty separated) times, I suppose its exclusion would be the only minor gripe I have with what is otherwise an astounding, creepy-as-heck score.

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