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4 Ratings

Cookie monkey 100 ,

2nd to review? I'll take my chances.

Well how do I begin this. First things first... What an album! I mean, I've been a HUGE fan of clouser starting 2 years ago when I first heard the saw theme "Hello Zepp" and I got Hooked on all of the saw soundtracks, from the first to the last. Never the less, if Charlie Clouser is reading this. You are such an amazing composer, you are my go-to guy for soundtracks. I adore every song you make, and I wouldn't know what to do without your music.

Let's talk about the album itself; and what place to starts, with the opening titles.

Wow, such a great piece. It gives you this odd feeling of a old toy train on the tracks, slowly going by. I don't know why, but it seems like a good statement. But the song itself, is amazing, I love the strings, and the prepared type of piano he uses that sound like something from space. It's fantastic. But, my favorite type of part has to be the "underground texture" he adds to his songs. It's a trippy type of thing, and I love it. Other example are from
.Surprised "Saw III
.I've played before (Saw II
.Amanda (Saw III
.Lesson (Saw IV)
And a whole bunch of more examples are in his score of "Deepwater" which you can find on score revolution. I'm getting off track, let's talk about the episode one suite.

I absolutely adore the type of approach Clouser did. I would call it; Head Trauma. It just has this incredible enchanting melody of just off-putting feeling, and yet just so musically professional you would think Hans Zimmer did it. The first 3 episodes have the best scores in my opinion, for the mellow and mystical approach.

The other episodes have a great score too, but I think the first are the best.

Checkout the album, if you don't like it. Listen to it more and more, and it will attach itself to you, it has amazing replay value. An get good headphones "Like sennheiser hd 598" for the true effect.

If you like this album, check out Clousers other work.
.Saw franchise
.The collection
Those are my favorites of his to be honest.

Check out this amazing album, and his others. Hopefully it will change you as much as I have.


wes3inPA ,

A great album!

I'm a soundtrack junkie and have a lot of television and film scores. I'm particularly enjoying this one (love the series as well). The album wonderfully captures the eerie mood of the series. Great job!

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