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289 Ratings

Iplaygoodguitar ,

A Very Impressive Release by Opeth

I'll preface this by saying I dislike reviewers that give top ratings to everything, and i'm not one of those people. I think this may be the most mature and deepest release by Opeth to date. It's really really good. The songwriting, the ideas, the sounds, the production, its all there. It's one of thos epic sounding albums, where you say, wow, this is better than I thought it would be. This may be the record that really propels Opeth into the spotlight.

First off, its quite progressive. But not always heavy progressive, and not always progressive like Damnation. Its a mix of sounds, some old some new. I can say that there are elements to this album that aren't in the last. The keyboard takes on a new roll in the band, and it fits great.

If you're new to Opeth, this is a great starting point, because you'll get hooked, if you've been listening to Opeth, you'll probably think this is the best release to date. Enjoy!

InfinityXtwo ,


For a long time Blackwater Park has been my favorite Opeth album, followed by Ghost Reveries recently. But this... this is the new, definitive opus of the greatest band on Earth. While at first, after hearing the single Porcelain Heart, it didn't shock me that Opeth had successfully merged styles of progressive death metal and blues styles once again, a full listen of Watershed revealed to me a transecendental mix of masterful musicianship unachieved by any other band I have ever heard.

Coil is an interesting opener that features female vocals... the pleasant calm before the storm that is Heir Apparent. Track 2 is the heaviest song of Watershed, packed throughout with tight, crushing riffs and death growls as good as Opeth have ever done, with a cool outro. The Lotus Eater is unconventional to the say the least, but enthralling nonetheless--a unique song in the catalog of Opeth and very reccommended. I don't want to spoil its surprises for anyone who has yet to hear it so I won't say why. If you're a fan of epic ballads than Burden may just be your favorite song on this album, as it is mine. Again, any attempt to describe it would be a disservice to virgin ears. As previously mentioned, Porcelain Heart is an incredible mix of progressive, death metal, and blues. Just like Bleak on Blackwater Park, it succeeds in defining Opeth's latest sound in one song--probably my second favorite of Watershed. The second-to-last song on this album, Hessian Peel, is a contemplative, 11-and-a-half minutes long turning point that gets you ready for the final track. As you listen to Hex Omega, you become sad that the album is finally coming to a close, and the music doesn't help by being so tragically good. You just appreciate it while it lasts and savor every second. That an album could make you feel so empty after closing is a testament to Opeth's genius.

Now, the value that comes with buying the special edition is that you get to add 16.5 extra minutes to your experience of this album, which already justifies the price. In my humble opinion neither of the three songs compare to what is in the core package, but are fantastic in their own right. Derelict Herds is the best, followed by Bridge of Sighs and then Den Standiga Resan, which both sound like they would come from a badass-ified Damnation 2.

Clonston ,

This album is amazing

What a great album. My only problem is that Derelict Herds shouldn't be album only. I bought the actual Special Edition with the DVD and everything, but it doesn't come with a version of that song on CD, only on the DVD. I don't want to buy the whole album again just so I can listen to that song on my iPod. Please fix this, iTunes :-(

Other than that, this album is definitely one of Opeth's best, if not the best. Per's solo in Burden is incredible.

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