Editors’ Notes Just as Live! Bootleg defined Aerosmith in the ‘70s, and Classics Live! defined the band in the ‘80s, A Little South of Sanity defines them for the ‘90s, their most commercially successful period and it finds the veteran band in fighting form. Recorded during tours for Get a Grip (1993/1994) and Nine Lives (1997/1998), these tracks sound exactly the way a live album should: a little louder, a little edgier, but with all the uproarious attitude and whip-smart precision of the studio recordings. “Back In the Saddle,” “Last Child,” and “Walk This Way” all translate the band’s razor-sharp riffs to a stadium setting. “Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees),” “The Other Side,” and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” are emboldened by the presence of a horn section, while grandiose ballads like “Angel” are presented in refreshingly stripped-down versions. Producer Jack Douglas, who oversaw early Aerosmith classics like Rocks and Toys In the Attic, helped pull this live collection together. While age and sobriety brought a new energy and focus to the Aerosmith live experience, their rendition of “Mama Kin” proves they still carry the reckless spirit of their youth.