15 Songs, 54 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.7 out of 5
592 Ratings

592 Ratings

LIL' AP 2 ,

Totally blows you away

WOW!!! Not much else you can say. This is the awesome rock that we want to hear! Theres not a single bad song in my opinion on this album! This album kicks butt!!! Heres my favorites in order:

1. I Hate Everything About You-5/5
2. Are You Ready-5/5
3. Just Like You-5/5
4. Home-5/5
5. Drown-4.5/5
6. Now or Never-4.5/5
7. Burn-4.5/5
8. Scared-4.5/5
9. Take Me Under-4.5/5
10. Let You Down-4/5
11. Wake Up-4/5
12. Overrated-4/5
13. Drown (Acoustic)-3.5/5
14. Born Like This-3.5/5
15. I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic)-3/5

If you agree with my review and think Three Days Grace ROCKS then check yes. Thanx!

Miche. ,


okay so, there's this band named three days grace and i made the worst mistake in the world to pick not to meet them at buzz bake sale and stay in paramore's rough and terrible crowd. this band is incredible. buy this cd. and if you like it [[which you will]], buy their newest cd one-x. their music has helped me through some horrible times. i've liked them for 3 years now, and i know i'll like them forever. so here's my review on this cd::

burn- 4/5 totally edgy. it is a great opening song to this album.
just like you- 5/5 one of my favorites of them ever. just listen to the lyrics. <3
i hate everything about you- 5/5 again, another one of my favorites. its even better live when you hear EVERYONE in the whole venue screaming at the top of their lungs, "I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!"
home- 5/5 the first song i heard of them that got me hooked. <3
scared- 4/5 i love the guitars in this one.
let you down- 4/5 probably one of the most emotional songs on here. its really good.
now or never- 4/5 really good.
born like this- 3/5 i don't listen to this one that much, but its good.
drown- 3/5 veryvery good.
wake up- 3/5 i don't listen to this either that often, but it is pretty good.
take me under- 4/5 i LOVE his vocals in this one.
overrated- 3/5 good.
i hate everything about you acoustic- 4/5 really good. but i like the regular version better.
are you ready- 5/5 2nd song i heard by them. another one of my faves. <3
drown acoustic- 4/5 so good. <3

so, anyway, buy this now. <333333

imjaspersforever =[ ,


three days grace is one of my faveorite bands and i am so glad that they finally have are you ready and the acoustic versions of i hate everything about you and drown aswell. Since i was a bit skeptikal when i first heard(not listened to) three days grace, i am going to rate my faveorite songs on this album (even though the entire album is worth buying) =D

Burn- a steady opening track, the ending is a bit repetitious but 8/10

Just Like You- very good lyrics, more of a classic rock song, good beat 8/10

I Hate Everything About You- okay, tis, (to me at least) is three days grace strongest song. I love the lyrics not to mention the beat, no matter how many times i listen to it i dont get tired of it 10000000/10

Scared- i love this song, it gives you a creepy feeling but i love it 8/10

Let You Down- this is also one of my faveorite songs of all time. At first, it seems sweet, comferting but then the malice in his voice slowly creeps up on you. actually, it does a whisper/slight screamo thing at one part lol. Amazing lyrics awesome mix/beat 1000/10

Drown- Another faveorite, (im pretty sure i spelled that wrong) it has a really cool ending and changes up the beat, at one part the guitar solo almost sounds like an evanescence song. 100/10

hope i was helpful!

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