8 Songs, 36 Minutes


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3 Ratings

rass1 ,

Unique and fun

Came across this duo, with their child strapped to their back, performing on Pearl Street at Boulder, Colorado. Give track 1 a listen to hear their baby giggle as the vocal track - sweet! They had such a unique sound and style. Love it! Keep making music you guys!!

Sun and the Rainfall ,


real. real deal here. real music. real band. real talent.
i first caught them playing in an alley. yeh, so they fit the rock-n-roll bill even. and speaking of bills… i gave them every "red cent" in my wallet the next time i ran into them playing. in which case i gave them a mighty nice wad ya might say… money of which i did not have to just give away at the time… felt it was a good cause i reckon. they gave so much when i saw them perform in that alley and other lil' plots here and there. i felt it was the least i could do for a show here and there that i just so happened to stumble across. i was lucky enough to bump into again if-you-will and i did the same again with some big ones. i felt as though i was contributing to geniuses and perhaps a chance help to get this glorious sound goodness out and about. i lived in the town they stomped around for a tiny bit and i can say that's one o' the main things i miss about that town. thank goodness for this digital world for buying songs. bless these fine souls for putting it out there and sharing their hearts. intuitive compass has what it takes to be huge… well, they are huge… stay tuned world.

Krahe's partial ,


This is a fun album! I saw these guys perform and I bought the album so glad I did, upbeat and a perfect fit when I need to listen to a new sound!

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