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95 Ratings

RBurwell77 ,

Finally, the right Hits Collection from Seal!

People seem to think that releasing another greatest hits collection was a wrong move, but I think that THIS is the one collection that needs to be remembered. It covers all of his ground pretty well. Someone said that he hasn't done anything interesting since Human Being, which isn't true. I think that System was outstanding and overlooked. It was nice to hear him change it up and get us moving without doing the typical ballad-y songwriting. Then a year later to show his diversity by releasing intimate soul covers....Brilliant. I believe that NOW was the time to release this Greatest Hits. I look forward to whatever comes next from him. He is an amazing artist.

taderfish ,

Seal's in a funk, and not the good kind...

Is it just me, or has Seal not produced anything truly captivating since Human Being? IMO, he was much more interesting before he began confining himself to specific themes, like clubby dancy music and soul revivalism. His best music was made with Trevor Horn, when the focus was on blending genres and influences to make something that resisted categorization.

In terms of building and layering texture, Human Being went deep and never stopped. The sound is a complex blend of acoustic, electric and electronic elements that never sounds contrived, and reveals new details upon each listen. "Seal IV" and "System", despite a few exceptional tracks between them, are far less layered and personal, and do less than his previous work to reward repeat listening.

I felt the same way about the "Soul" album. Although it contains covers of some fantastic songs, Seal approaches the project with a big-band approach that we've all heard before, and does little to reveal an artist's capability. One might go so far as to call the album a cash-in.

Although the music that Seal has made over the past decade or so its completely understandable from a business standpoint, it leaves something to be desired. Considering the standard set by the first three albums, "Soul" is proof that he is capable of more, and is either stalling, or has lost his creative mojo.

About half this collection is fantastic. Personally, the other half doesn't really do it for me. However, "A Father's Way" (which appeared on the soundtrack to "The Pursuit of Happyness") strikes me as the the best thing here since "Human Being." If, like me, you prefer Seal's early work, his last best-of collection is definitely a better buy. The 2nd disc of acoustic versions is worth the price of admission alone.

GrnLdg ,

Do Some Work

I love Seal, but really, am I the only one who thinks he needs to put something new out for a change?

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