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1 Rating

Jfoss kiddies ,

Touch me. Everywhere.

As a lover of "Pipedreams"
Released in 96.This was a pleasant surprise to my ear drums. Sensual, smooth, and sexy.... Are the immediate words that come
To my head when "I think of you" plays. It was an anthem in my apartment and a curse to the other people who lived in my building. My husband would get home and the lights would
Already be dimmed and the vino strategically prepared on a wooden desk would be accompanied by sexual hints. A Used condom from a couple days ago, the latest addition of sports magazine (He always loved that.) These hints were merely a background to the main Aphrodisiac: Suki Rae's Sensitive but penetrative Flute that echoed through the walls. It wasn't the only sound that echoed through the walls. Haha. ;) Thank you Suki Rae, for your erotic and sensual anthem, "I think of
You" and for transforming my sex life. I am eternally grateful.

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