23 Songs, 1 Hour 16 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.1 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Lots Of Pineapples ,


Usually, the ying yang twins are all bangers and nothing else on the album. This album is surprisngly good.

F--- The Ying Yang Twins: An eerie beat sets the mood on the topic about how everyone hates the ying yang twins. Plain filler, skipper. 2/5

Long Time: Nice smooth beat sets the tone while D-Roc performs very well on this. Pretty nice track here with a well done chorus by Anthony Hamilton. This track is average, but for the Ying Yang Twins, it's a different topic then usually done. 3/5

Live Again: You would never have thought it was them. Ever. Unless you heard this on the radio and they announced the name or you bought the album. This is a very deep song about a stripper's life and has a pop crossover type feel but is executed almost perfectly. 4.5/5

Ghetto Classics: Quick Paced beat but they're rapping about nothing and the track is boring. 1.5/5

23 Hour Lockdown: Again, really rapping about nothing but Bun B steals the very limited offering of a show. Smooth beat but is kind of annoying with the loud abrupt synth. 2/5

Wait (The Whisper Song): Perfectly timed by being very short. All though very simple and highly sexual, this is a pretty catchy song and i don't think alot of rappers could pull that off. Very original concept though, with the whisper songs. Although imitated for a short time, was not killed by their imitators. Unlike the autotune. 4/5

Pull My Hair: Wait (The Whisper Song) Pt. 2 is all I can say. Again sexual but this time it's not as catchy and kind of boring. 1.5/5

Bedroom Boom: My favorite song on the album. Avant makes a very nice performance with a slow, yet hip hopish feel to the beat. Ying Yang Twins spit averagely but it's a good song with a nice tone. 4/5

The Walk: Upbeat Song + quite a few guests + dance topic = dance song. But, a very corny dance song. Yet, it is a decent offering. 3/5

Hoes: Blaugh, a stupid song with a terrible repetive chorus and a very bad appearance. Complete skipper. .5/5

Badd: Again, a nice beat by Collipark and a good appearance by Mike Jones where he doesn't repeat his own flow. Catchy and a fun dance song. 4/5

Put That Thang Down: A dance number, yet is filler and sounds like a few other of lil Jon's beats. 2.5/5

Shake: Better than the previous dance number yet comes with a dance king, Pitbull. Excellent fun beat and a nice appearance by Pitbull. 4/5

My Brother's Keeper: A nice chill beat and a relitavely deep song and a great chorus adds up to a good song. Good lyrics by the Ying Yang Twins too. 4/5

Wait [Remix]: Great Remix. End of story. 4/5

channelle2004 ,


This is my favorite Ying Yang album

Wikifan001 ,



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