13 Songs, 40 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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5.0 out of 5
266 Ratings

266 Ratings

SoChalant ,

Very Good

This is by far one of Quadeca’s best albums. His lyrics have meaning and start off talking about hiding insecurity with an ego (hence KSI Insecure) (Also hence the song ego death)
This character then goes on to live life and love himself (Eyes) and this development of character is seen throughout many songs. My personal favorites are A Dream I Can’t Remember, Uh-Huh, Eyes, Real Thing, and Imagination. The only Quad song up to par with anything on this album is Lemon Tree (seriously, and that is not a bump on Quad, he’s better than everyone today.)

RockatoxxYT ,

Quadeca is a goat.

Quadeca is so good, all of his songs are amazing except for one song.
Here’s a rating of all songs.

Ego death: 7/10, this song is a great opening to a great album tbh.

Imagination: 6/10, isn’t the greatest, reminds me of some movie I can’t remember. Like Charlie and a chocolate factory or something like that.

Dream I can’t remember: 8/10, SUCH a good interlude. It is a mix of a type of electronic music and rap. Great song right here.

Man on my left shoulder: 9/10, Oh my god, what is this? This blessed my ears in so many different ways, all of the buildups were fire. And the rap in like 2:12 was so GREAT.

Red dot: 8/10, Yes I give red dot 8/10. I don’t think that many people stream this song much, because it’s in the middle of 2 favorited songs. I think the end of the song was a good part, the slow parts and the beat switches are kind of quad’s specialty. He’s really great at them.

Uh Huh!: 10/10, this is it. The almighty 10/10! This is it, the greatest song on quad’s album. This song is such a banger this song is the type of song I would blast at a pool party and just stay on my chair and rock to this song instead of actually having fun at the pool. Like what the hell Quadeca what have you done to me? But I think you made this song spot on.

Real Thing: 6/10, Eh, I don’t really know what to think about this song. Is tells me many different things, and many different vibes.

War! (Feat. Dax): 8/10, Quadeca’s part was fire but Dax kinda messed the whole thing up. Yes, but it is kind of catchy overall.

Unusual (Feat B.Lou): 8/10, Quadeca’s part is good and Lou’s part was good, but I think there was too much, I don’t know. Hype? I like the calm parts in the start of the song, then get to the hyped parts.

Rowboat (Interlude): 3/10, Oh HELL no. What is this? I can’t hear a word because of the beat, and I say I like the calm parts. NOT LIKE THIS! I’m talking about the calm parts at the start of a song. But I know this isn’t a song, this is a interlude. And that’s why I didn’t give this the trash 1.

Eyes: 7/10, this is good! Great job Quadeca. But you didn’t go hard enough.. I’m sorry!

These days: 8/10, Quadeca’s part in this song is the greatest part. (The whole song!) and a great way to end off the whole album! I’m so hyped for the next album maybe in 2020?

Razan Wali ,

The best rap album ever

Literally every song is perfect! It’s a joke how underrated you are. I thought insecure was good but then I saw this!! Fire 🔥

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