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114 Ratings

Tatremy ,

Coldplay at their highest artistic peak

Coldplay's second album "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" has to be their most well-crafted piano-rock album. But, this album is Coldplay's greatest artistic achievement. What Coldplay have created here is a masterpiece of an album. The Baraque Pop and Art Rock influences really shine through this album. There are alot of genres blended into this album, from Dream Pop to Shoegaze. Track by track review:
1. Life In Technicolor (9/10)
Incredible instrumental track and a great way to start this album. It starts off with an ambient intro that takes from Jon Hopkins ambient piece "Light Through The Veins". Then, it turns into an inspiring instrumental rock track led by a Yangqin.
2. Cemeteries Of London (9/10)
The previous track fades right into this one. This track takes a darker turn compared to the previous track. The song talks about ghosts and witches, and is centered around a nighttime 1850's London as the main theme. The themes definitely shine through as you listen to this song.
3. Lost! (8.5/10)
This next track is an upbeat alternative rock anthem centered around booming drums and aspiring organs. The organs are a key part in the song that really help get its message across melodically. This song certainly shows more of the rockier side of the album. Although this song may show as a bit repetitive for some people, it definitely redeems itself by the end.
4. 42 (8/10)
This song consists of 2 parts. The first part is a slow piano-ballad with strings. Although it may seem a little slow and repetitive, it's definitely worth the wait to the second part of this song. The second part is a very symphonic rock song. The theme of ghosts is shows in this part. "You thought you might be a ghost, you didn't get to heaven but you made it close". These lines go along with the melody and guitar solo very well. This song certainly is a little gem.
5. Lovers In Japan (9/10) / Reign Of Love (7.5/10)
These 2 tracks are combined for a total of nearly 7 minutes. But, these 2 tracks are very different from each other. Lovers In Japan is based around a honky tonk piano and beautiful atmospheric guitars. These guitars really boost the soaring chorus'. The track ends with the guitars fading out and fades beautifully into the next track Reign Of Love. A slow piano-ballad accompanied by backing instrumental ambient sounds and Chris Martin singing in a soft and innocent manner. Although not a very interesting listen, it is beautiful.
6. Yes (8.5/10)
This song is usually known for Chris Martin's voice that is sung in a lower tone, and the electric strings that embrace the olden theme surrounding this entire album. The song talks about forbidden love and sexual temptation, and the fears that come with it.
- Chinese Sleep Chant (9/10)
This song is a hidden track placed after Yes, making the total track over 7 minutes long. It's a shoegaze song highly influenced by the Shoegaze band My Bloody Valentine. Chris Martin's vocals here are put through lots of reverb and are more hidden through the instrumental swirling guitars where it almost blends in with it. Although a hidden track, it is certainly a highly of this album.
7. Viva La Vida (10/10)
This Baraque Pop song is probably the one everyone knows. It's arguably their most popular song. The song is about a king who lost his kingdom has alot of biblical references. It incorporates alot of strings and classic percussion instruments, such as the timpani and even a church bell that rings at every other beat during the chorus. This is by far my favorite track on this album.
8. Violet Hill (9.5/10)
This is probably the rockiest song on the album. Its an anti-war song and alot of politics are involved in it as well. The powerful electric guitars dominate this song. It's certainly a song you can rock your head to.
9. Strawberry Swing (9/10)
Things take a turn here as the second to last track comes around. Its a very uplifting and happy song. The smooth guitar and drums with Chris' soft vocals will definitely get you in a happy mood.
10. Death And All His Friends (9/10)
The last track on this album consists of 2 parts. The first part is a slow Piano-ballad called "School" that leads right into the aspiring second part of the song. The smooth reverbed guitar blends in very well as the band sings out loud the lines "No I dont want to battle from beginning to end. No I dont want a cycle of recycled reveng, I dont want to follow death and all his friends" referring to the ultimate climax of the album and the upcoming hidden track The Escapist (7/10) which is based around the same ambient piece that started the album, making the album an entire cycle.

Overall, this album is definitely a recommendation and you should definitely check it out. 10/10 for me

skyeleeisawesome ,

Best album in lifetime

Best album I've ever heard in my 21 years of living.

Wolfcloak10401 ,


This album is great. Good songs! Keep up the good work Coldplay!

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