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3 Ratings

UncleSlam Temple ,


In 2014 a new up and coming slamming bdm band from Taiwan emerged on the scene and released one of the all-time greatest slam albums EVER written. The album, "Perpetuating the Viral Infection", the band, none other that the one and only Maggot Colony. Fast forward three long years and you get one of the most highly anticipated releases in my entire life, "Vile Reincarnation". What can I say about this album? Well I guess I should start by addressing the reason behind the title for my review...the production. When MC released their debut back in 2014 it was through Inherited Suffering Records, a fantastic label that consistently puts out phenomenal masterpieces with equally phenomenal production quality, so when I saw that the band have switched to what is now currently my favorite label in the entire Brutal Death Metal scene, Rising Nemesis Records, the first thing that came to my mind was "HOLY PHUCK THIS SCHVITZ GONNA SLAY YO!!" considering the fact that virtually 100% of the bands and albums I've bought through them have been pure diamond encrusted gold. However the moment I jammed the first track my ears where instead met with some of the of not the worst production quality in bdm history. It is very thin and hollow sounding, making it extremely difficult to make out the different elements of the album especially the vocals which are simply drowned out for the most part. It's a far cry from the production value that was present in their 2014 debut and even their 2015 EP, which is a crying shame because this is among the greatest bands to ever exist period. Now I know that the production value doesn't necessarily reflect the label the band is signed to so much as the man behind the equipment putting everything together, well whoever it was did a huge disservice to the band. What's even weirder is that the last three tracks on the album are just the three tracks from their EP over two years ago, (something in and of itself I was disappointed in as well) and those three songs have the same exact production from the EP versions. It's essentially just a carbon copy of the EP slapped on the end of the seven new songs, making the whole package sound really weird. You're probably thinking "well why on earth did you give the album five stars then?", because despite those technical issues, "Vile Reincarnation is still a mother effing MASTERPIECE!!!! I mean OMMFGDG this album slams so hard I can no longer tell which way is up. The band stuck to their formula of incredibly laser tight, rhythmic, bouncy galloping slam riffage, only this time around the quantity and quality of said riffage have been exponentially multiplied times a trillion!!! Galloping style slam riffs exhibited by bands like Maggot Colony, Abominable Putridity, Analepsy, Pathology, Vulvectomy ect. Are the reason why I love Slamming Brutal Death Metal so dadgum much, and Maggot Colony's new outing has them in spades!!!! Despite the many technical flaws of this album are all to apparent, but the voraciously unbridled talent of Maggot Colony shine through with the greatest of ease, making the dizzying production barely noticeable once acclimated. I HIGHLY doubt that this album will be dethroned any time soon by any band, and am equally sure that it will remain in my #1 spot for the rest of the year...but hey, ya never know 😉

tomskin ,

Bruuuttttaaaalll asssss helllllllllll

Highly recommend