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103 Ratings

qLArtistoftheWeek ,

Anya Marina's Slow & Steady Seduction Phase II. It's Finally here!

This 12-track full-length album is filled with infectious pop/rock sounds with a slyly, sexy rock vocals. Anya Marina's second album has her vocalize more and more upbeat than her first album. Less "lullaby-by-baby" feel of the first album and more of a "Okay what do you do now" feeling. The album is a sutiable album for those of a college rock fan. A great album to start the new year with.

Move You the first track of the album is a great way to start this album. The sounds and lyrics summarize what to expect in the album. Sexy, pop/rock catchy melodies.
All the Same To Me is a song of content, and danceable acoustic rock soundings. This track is an introduction of the new vocalizing Anya Marina.
Cut It Out's a filty song of fooling around and wanting to stop. This song can get from humourous to intimate.
Afterparty At Jimmy's is the most rock-based song in the whole album. This song is remembrant to the works of Liz Phair and Imani Coppola.
Drop Dead Blues, the song right after Afterparty At Jimmy's the transition from rock-based melody to bluesy-rock melody is confusing but the lyrics says it all for the quick transition.
Vertigo is not a U2 cover song! This is an authentic original by Anya Marina. This track with very catchy tunes and catchy pop vocalization.
Lullaby For A Realist is the shortest song of the whole album and it has a lullaby feel to the song but is a boaderline between slow sweet song and slow loud song.
Two Left Feet is a great song with that high school feel in the melody. Nice beats for all ages.
Waters of March (Águas de Março) is Anya Marina's first biligual song. An achievement for the San-Diego based singer.A sweet sultry song for lovers.
In Not A Through Street she doesn't involve vocalization in this song she adds a echo low-fi sound of her voice in where vocalizing would be.
Cowboy an Anya Marina live classic song now on her new album.
High On The Ceiling a good ending song with the drum beats clapping in song, echo of high hit melodies and Anya Marina's sultry voice singing through it all.
Anya's Marina's Move You(Slow & Steady Seduction Phase II is a album that deserves more credit and recognition than it will get.
Sorry for long comment I'm just so happy and excited for Anya's new album! I can't wait to buy it!.....
As soon as it comes to Iowan music stores.....

kevco™ ,

This Album Will Move You [SSSPII]

This is one of the most clever, fun and creative albums I have heard in a really long time. Anya's a stud.

KansasRose ,

It's a great Gem!

This is a great album. A hidden Gem and you won't be disapointed.

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