22 Songs, 1 Hour 23 Minutes


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4.7 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

metalfan48 ,

Excellent Album, Excellent Remastering

Just as with their debut album, Garbage has gone back to their masterpiece of an album 2.0 and refined and fine tuned each one of their classic songs and perfected them for listening on modern headphones, speaker systems, and earbuds.
For those familiar with the music, you will find yourself surprised by new and refreshing beats of the song that stand out now that didn’t necessarily before, the clarity, and the over all general improvements to the sound.
If you are not familiar with 2.0, the bands confidence and energy off their smash first album carried them into their second and helped them craft single worthy track after track. Industrial rock, trip hop, pop, and electro all blend together seamlessly across the full album and the b sides. Non single tracks “Sleep Together” and “Temptation Waits” still hold their own and benefit from the excellent remastering. “Afterglow” “Deadwood” and “Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” are all stand out b sides that some of their younger fans might have missed the first time around.
Wholeheartedly recommend you listen and listen with the best speakers you can get your hands on!

nmsugregory ,


The best album of 1998. This album is art. It’s full of emotion, attitude and intelligence.

Jimmy Tickles ,

All I’ve been listening to!

So glad to have all the b-sides remastered along with the original album! Version 2.0 really should have won a Grammy, it’s their best work. This album is timeless!

“Soldier Through This” should have been released as a single with a music video to promote the remastered anniversary.

I love “Deadwood” and “Afterglow” so much and are my favorite b-sides.

Wish this included a remaster of “The World Is Not Enough” to really time-capsule the Version 2.0 era.

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