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3.7 out of 5
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7 Ratings

hunterian ,

A great, complete album (plus, it has Maniacal)

Maniacal is perhaps my second favorite song by FLA (it falls to second place to Evil Playground). Although this album appears to be criticized for being too mellow I disagree with that assessment.

Civilization is a mixture of harmonic sounds and FLA harshness. I love the lyrics, the messages and the sound. It is an album you can listen to from start to finish. Although Civilization has a soft, harmonic edge present, it is a subtle one. This provides an excellent background diversion to the FLA world view sound you expect from them.

The best songs are Maniacal, Civilization and Parasite. The only disappointing part of the song Civilization is when to chorus sings 'These Islands Collapsing'- sorta kills the harmonic melody of the song. However, it is still a strong song.

Tetsuo: The Iron Geek ,

I would love this album but...

I would love this album if only Bill and Rhys had chosen to makeit a purely instrumental work. Bill Leeb's vocals on this FLA outing are so out of place it hurts. The music is groundbreaking in so many way, and some of FLA's best work ever. It's just a shame so much of it is uglied up with Bill's grunting, moaning, and painfuly generic lyrics. Maybe FLA could take a cue from other bands and start offering multiple version of their work -with & without vocals?

OhLilian ,

Awesome !!

Maniacal is my favorite... Great albumn!

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