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4.9 out of 5
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19 Ratings

Venn_Morgan ,

Yes, okay, I can admit I was wrong.

I'm usually not into the "remastered" or "remixed" stuff by artists I like because they usually change unnecessary things or go completely overboard. My first thought seeing this was "why?" So I didn't buy it.

Then my external drive got corrupted and I lost... a lot of music. I have the CD for Uroboros but it's buried someplace in a closet, so rather than excavate it, I chose to just buy it on iTunes. After listening to the previews and discovering to my surprise that Dir en grey did not in fact make techno remixes of my favorite songs (Hey, they did this with "改-KAI-Remix01" back in '02 so my concern is justified), I bought this remastered version.

What a difference. In the best possible way. The original album remains one of my favorites by Dir en grey, but this IS the original album. Just crisper, cleaner, and with some additions (I especially like the new opening to Sar Bir).

I'm a music nerd with studio headphones; possibly with regular earphones it wouldn't sound so different. The additions alone make this album worth the cost, though, and those would come through even with dollar-store headphones. So if you're on the fence but really like Uroboros, buy this. You won't be disappointed.

JCNeary ,

Much Better Mastering

I wore this album out all throughout 2010 living in Central Oregon. When I hear this record it takes me back instantly to those vivid memories. Including the bonus tracks on this re-release is like brand new to me.