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4.8 out of 5
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19 Ratings

Mad_Habits ,


This album is completely underrated.. I think it's brilliant and possibly one of the most polished and visionary records ever committed to sound.

Autechre has the ability like no other to create a vision of what their music should sound like, and explore that vision from every angle possible. Each track works as a continuation of the next even though they are all remarkably diverse as far as rhythm and music goes.

Untilted is an intense, frenetic record. There are no slow tracks, there are no beatless, ambient tracks that Autechre is becoming more known for these days. Untilted is pure, face-melting metallic beat machines. Each track bubbles, thunders, punches, and spins in a million different directions. Every track hits you as hard as possible, yet somehow manages to be deeply introspective and personal.

It's hard to describe Autechre's music, and if you are just getting into this group I wouldn't necessarily suggest this record as your jumping point. For that, you may enjoy LP5, Envane, Garbage EP, or some of the other mid to late 90's records that Autechre did. These are all excellent records, but I think the real meat of this group exists in the newer stuff. Untilted is extremely experimental; you can't really dance to it though it will make you want to move in places you didn't even realized existed.

Recommended for all music cosmonauts and explorers of the mind's more interesting recesses.

activelistenerWRK ,

one of my favorite records

This is actually the second time i've reviewed (don't know what happened to all previous reviews). Anyway, this album is pure brilliance. There is so much listening to do here it's impossible to exhaust. If you are trying to hear this without benefit of respectable audio equipment, forget it. Very expansive stuff; i recommend to listen both to your developing sense of atmosphere as each track unfolds, and to the interaction between small details and shifting context. Not to be sexist, but the wife and kids might need to vacate....

tyuig64 ,

Certainly Not Immediate

I've only listened to Untilted a few times honestly. I still want to offer an opinion and will review anyway.
I love the brutality and heaviness of Untilted, but over the course of an hour or so, it feels a bit dry, and some of the songs just don't do it. However, when this album is good, it's GOOD. LCC is one of Autechre's best tracks to date and there are moments in the rest of the tracks that will make you stop and say "Wow!". I know, like other Autechre albums, I must be patient with this CD to fully enjoy it, but for now, it's good, but not perfect.

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