Editors’ Notes Until the End of Time draws from the massive amount of outtakes 2Pac recorded for his final album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Rather than simply rehash the old music, executive producers Afeni Shakur and Suge Knight invited longtime 2Pac producers Johnny J and QD3 to design new beats around the vocal tracks. “Breathin,” “This Ain’t Livin’,” “F**k Friendz” and N****z Nature” retain 2Pac’s classic sound while appealing to the tastes of 2001-era rap fans. The title track is based on Mr. Mister’s 1985 hit “Broken Wings,” and contains some of Tupac’s most poignant confessions: “Please Lord forgive me for my life of sin / My hard stare seem to scare all my sister's kids / So you know, I don't hang around the house much / This all-night money making got me outta touch.” After his death 2Pac’s legacy expanded far beyond the West Coast, but several of the best songs on Until the End of Time — including “F****n Wit the Wrong N***a,” “Good Life” and the exceptional DJ Quik-produced “Words 2 My Firstborn”— bring his music back to its G-funk roots.