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46 Ratings

Yes Fan 90125 ,

No matter what anyone says ...great album!

This album gets a lot of bad press...even from many of the band members of Yes themselves. But, mostly this is due to legal and logistical issues that really had little to do with the actual music. Some people (again, including the member of Yes) complain that there are too many session players on this album. But, don't let any of this sway you. First of all, the 8 members of Yes listed on the credits ARE indeed all on the album, some more than others, but they are there. Second, the vast majority of the writing was done by Yes themselves and they turned in some really great stuff on this album. I have been a Yes fan for decades, ever since I was 11 years old. I have seen them live many times and I have worked with a couple of their former members. Out of all of their albums (I have them all) this one is in my top 5. There are some truly great Yes songs on here and some amazing talent. There really is not a bad song on this album. If you like Yes at all, you really should have this album. It is truly great! The main thing I take exception to is the main pinned review of this…saying that Banks and Horn are missing. Ummmm….yeah….and so are Downes and Moraz. Why didn’t they just say that?? Oh well.

2112starman ,

Outstanding!!! Highly underrated!!!!!

A very underappreciated album! I wore this CD out when it came out in 1991! I would have waited forever, Lift Me Up, Saving my heart for you, Miracle of Life, The more we live-let go are amazing tracks. I don't understand why it's so hated because to me it's always a pleasure to listen to. Everyone has different taste and I Love all incarnations of Yes, but IMO this is far from their weakest.

Lord Absol ,

A better album than you've heard it is

Union is perhaps the most hated Yes album of all time (well, that and 90125). However, the album has to be one of my favorites by Yes, because no matter what you think of the musicians, it's still great music. You won't find any monster epics here (as has generally been the case with Rabin-era Yes), but with the return of the members from Fragile-era Yes, the songs begin to take on an ambient, powerful tone as they did before. Top 5 songs:

1. Masquerade: Steve Howe at his finest as a composer; this has to be among my favorite guitar pieces. It's easy to play, but very melodic as always.

2. Lift Me Up: This was their big hit off the album, and while it does have pop overtones, it also develops the influence of older Yes members, particularly with Bill Bruford and his electronic drum set at the beginning. Rabin also really shines as a guitarist. This is a much deeper experience than their other pop ventures. *coughOwnerofacoughLonelyHeartcough*

3. Miracle of Life: It starts off with an intro much like Close to the Edge, complete with vocal punctuations. It develops into a very strong Yes composition.

4. Holding On: A really mystical tune, opening similarly to We Have Heaven and just getting better from there.

5. Angkor Wat: This one also has mystical qualities to it, and the lyrics are really powerful and insightful. Would you expect anything less from Anderson?

The only reason I gave this less than 5 stars is that if you look at your local secondhand music shop, you can probably net a copy of it for $5 or thereabouts, as opposed to $10. But I'd strongly recommend getting it.

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