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3.8 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Not that BB ,

Needs to be heard

It's hard to believe so many people in the United States have blinders on; it's a relief that artists like Jay Farrar are willing to tell the truth even to those who would prefer to listen to lies.

buzsawbrns ,

Devil May Care...

I’m glad the economy is finally doing better. The last thing I wanted to do was spend my hard earned money on a collection of partisan lyrics from an artist that used to be insightful, but now sadly joins the ranks of tired, whiney artists grabbing for branches of relevance in a tree they have no business trying to climb. To be fair, I was absolutely blown away when I heard “Devil May Care”. You GO J! I thought. But, what have you done, reality whiner? You got me to buy a collection of songs I will never listen to again. except for that one, of course.

Skippy ,

Too political for the 50 and the other 50...

This album is well-produced and recorded, with simple songs that are easy on the ear, including a few instrumentals. On the whole, the songs are well-crafted with folk blends of acoustic guitar, overdriven electrics, bass, drums and keyboards.

Over half of the songs are too political; however, poking at our current 2019 tensions. "Reality Winner" is a song about the woman who was charged with "removing classified material from a governmant facility" (wikipedia). It doesn't resonate. She pleaded guilty for a deal. "The Symbol" briefs us all on what we already know and wring-our-hands about 'non-citizens' and 'citizens'. It fails to move any needle. "Lady Liberty" drones on and on with an assumption that She has tears and sighs and pettiness.

After a few play-throughs of the whole album, I reflect: (mercifully) short songs, unremarkable choruses, too political. These songs are not for dancing, not for celebrating, not for strumming and not for any particular purpose. To each his own. I think I will pass. Instead, I will replay "Windfall", "Tear Stained Eye" and "Loose String" from the debut album.

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