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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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11 Ratings

stoneyourghost ,

Refreshing 🍬

Listening to Undress and not in an ironic way, where all polarizing political figures around the world are all stuck together in a very explicit and rigorous orgy on wall street, within the walls of capital hill, united nations, a world peace summit.. just all out undressed and railing like animals, everywhere, everyone, mailmen and traffic cops, nuns and nuns, Alabama takes on the shape of a pretzel as it’s entire population runs a train on itself. It’s all out peace on earth and the end of the world at everyones erotic expense caused by a viral outbreak of a pheromones mutation. It’s a really good song if you’re brave enough.

I think Bent Q bet he was getting a good tax return too.

God bless the sodomites for they are limber.

Q bent ,

one song in..

and I am tired of the political garbage on TV shows, and my music. One sided spins and twists, listing those who should "Undress" and expose truths? scandals and corruption are on both sides of the fence which seems to be overlooked. sorry fellas, been a fan for a long time, waited three years for this? I'm just tired of the side visors or just plain blindness. should of titled this one Eye Patch, since America is only seen through one eye.

everynameistsken69 ,

Incredible song writing

Days of the Years says it all.

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