16 Songs, 1 Hour 2 Minutes


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3.5 out of 5
402 Ratings

402 Ratings

LexieEscher ,

Great Soundtrack - FUN!

OK, so I had to check it out because someone said in a review that it sucks because it's too commercial, but I knew Maynard had a new song and so did Lacuna Coil and who doesn't like a good Misfits cover. Commercial is bad sometimes, but other times it's just good songs with good melodies produced in an interesting manner. The "emo" songs get a refreshing new dimension thanks to the innovative brains behind NIN/Skinny Puppy etc. The MCR remix is weird, but I think it will grow on me. And Maynard's voice just keeps getting better. "Undertaker" is a great departure for him. Even Chester seems to be exploring new avenues. Solid record, buy the whole thing. Soundtracks always have some lemons, but this one has very few. And iTunes - when you do this Album Only thing it makes me go out and buy the CD at a store, because I get real artwork and credits and it SOUNDS BETTER. And everyone, music is music, this genre hating is getting old. If an artist/song is good - great! If it sucks, move on. But hating a whole genre is just silly. There are good metal, industrial and emo bands, and putting them together on a soundtrack is, well, FUN.

Bratgod ,

Album Only?

Awesome music. No chance in h-ll Iam buying the whole album for the four songs I really want. Guess I'll just rip and trade all this for free elsewhere. iTunes when you gonna figure this out?

BIGearl ,

rip off

this album has pretty good songs but im sick of itunes making songs only avaliable by buying the whole cd. RIP OFF!

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