13 Songs, 50 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

XcraziiX ,

Look what you’ve done!

Absolutely incredible. I wasn’t sure If they were gonna be able to top volume 2, but boy did they! This album is incredible. My personal favorites are photograph, Sledgehammer, and Don’t fear the reaper.

Malachi<3Stardew ,

Keeps getting better

NSP keeps surprising me by how incredible they do on their covers. Keep it up

Phoenizard ,

Not as solid as the first two

I love NSP with an undying passion, but this album kinda throws me off. It feels like Dan isn’t as in to this album as he was the first two. It doesn’t help that whoever did the effects and mixing focused way too much on Dan’s voice and kinda forgot to blend the music with the vocals. Dan’s voice is amazing(As evident by the first two albums), but here it all kinda slipped. It feels like Dan only did one take of these songs before he even heard TWRP’s music and said make it work(which I know he wouldn’t do). I am sad that this album didn’t deliver as well as it could have, and I hope Dan, Brian, and TWRP knock it out of the park with (potentially) the next album. I know it is hard to do what they do, and I didn’t expect to write a review like this for any of NSP’s music, but I had to let my opinion out somehow. I love NSP and TWRP, and all their other stuff is balls to the wall amazing, but this album may be a pass if you want a truly amazing experience. Don’t Fear The Reaper is interesting though, and I think Sledgehammer is the best on this album.

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