Editors’ Notes The Very Best of Little Richard makes good on its title in several ways. First of all, the sequence of this ideal selection flows so festively that the self-proclaimed Queen of Rock 'n' Roll would be wise to use this exact order of songs for his next live set list. Secondly, the remastering was carried out with taste so that the recordings sound preserved and noticeably elevated in production without succumbing to the tone-sucking wrath of poor digitization. The enhanced saturation of vintage tones on songs like "Good Golly Miss Molly" and "Bama Lama Bama Loo" will bounce out of your speakers sounding like an old 45 being played on an antique record player. Last (but not least) you get a whopping 25 hits including a rare rehearsal take of "Hound Dog" and a live-in-the-studio demo of "Baby" with a spoken word intro. Little Richard's influence on rock and pop is unarguable, especially when you listen to the drum intro on "Keep A Knockin'" which John Bonham lifted for the intro to Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll." And it's impossible to not think of Paul McCartney singing and screaming at the end of "Hey Jude" every time Little Richard belts out his signature "Woo!"