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57 Ratings

bouki ,


Great album. Track six is one of my favorite BoC tracks ever. It's nice to have a copy of it around without the soundscapes if you just want the beat part - I like to keep both of them around for different mixes. If you like BoC, check out Tycho and Sonmi451.

nonesuch777 ,


I am SO happy Hi Scores is FINALLY on iTunes! It's an incredibly hard album to find, but now, here it is! It's virtually MIA at any and all record stores, online shops, and auction sites like eBay. But now we've got it conveniently located on iTunes for our listening enjoyment! Now, if only they'd release Play By Numbers, Acid Memories, and Hooper Bay...then I would be over the moon. My personal favorites on this record (although the entire thing is fantastic) are "Hi Scores" and "Everything You Do Is a Balloon."

Oh yeah, and for some reason "Seeya Later" seems like a very rough/early demo edit of "Happy Cycling" from Music Has the Right to Children. Does anyone else hear the resemblance?

ruskoberger.com ,

Perfection on the Airwaves...

The album, Hi Scores, is something special.

The eponymous first song is my favorite piece of music I've ever laid ears on by anyone--Bach, Vivaldi, the Beatles--anyone. Its melody is monumental in its simplicity and the interweaving lines are vast and wistful. It stops short of melancholy; it's like bits and pieces of a remembered dream.

SeeYa Later and Everything You Do Is a Balloon are other personal favorites. But it's all great, and it's all vintage BoC...

This EP is like anything else I'd consider Perfect Art: self-contained, balanced, unique, ineffable, and--above all--gorgeous.

On Hi Scores, the brothers comprising BoC pull off a number of balancing acts--first and foremost is rich, delicious soundscapes and wistful-nostalgic-haunting (pick your favorite BoC adjective) melodies that are never cloying or contrived. There's always a slight (or overt!) dissonance that tempers The Yummy. This is also a perfect encapsulation of their post-BOC Maxima/pre-MHTRTC sound.

These guys just have It. I recommend this album (and all BoC) to anyone, including people who don't/don't usually listen to "electronic music". This music transcends (genres, instrumentations, production--anything), and just becomes its own, perfect thing.


Nick Rusko-Berger
artist, musician

ruskoberger do tco m

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