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136 Ratings

Sorida ,

What TV Scores Should Be

Nowadays, TV scores are synthesized. While it's cheaper than hiring an orchestra and can sound just as good as one, it always ends up lacking...something. That's not the case with this soundtrack. Transformers Prime uses a live orchestra and it sounds fragging amazing. There, I've already set apart Transformers Prime from other TV music. :)

Brian Tyler has composed an excellent score with such emotion, accurately reflecting what Transformers is all about. It doesn't sound generic in the slightest. The music is incredible and mind-blowing. Some of my personal favorites include:

Transformers Prime: it's the main theme we hear at the beginning of every episode. But when you listen to the whole thing, it is truly amazing. Voices are perfectly blended with the rest of the orchestra and there are some fun things to listen for if you're a music nerd. However, what I find most enjoyable is the raw emotion of the piece. The violins almost sound like they're "crying" at some points. The intensity of the entire ensemble will have you listening to it on repeat for maybe an hour. I've been listening to it nonstop and I still don't know whether to smile or cry.

We Have Returned: you'll recognize the first part of it from way back in Darkness Rising Part I. It shifts from one theme to the next so seemlessly. Great piece of music right here.

Dogfight: I've got no clue when this was played or if it has been used before. Something tells me that we're going to hear it some time in Operation Bumblebee. But basically, it's epic.

Bumblebee: this actually has nothing to do with the fact that I love the character of the same name. Ok, maybe part of it is...
Regardless, the mood shifts are what really drew me into the track. It starts out rather intense, then becomes a bit playful, then becomes serious again, then sounds light and bubbly, and finally ends up making you a bit sad. So why do I love this short track? Simple: it reflects the character ridiculously well. I knew there was a reason I liked it.

All in all, a great buy for any fan of Transformers Prime or someone who wants a break from the movie soundtracks. My only complaint would be the overuse/repetition of certain themes, but they are really well done. I give this a 9/10. Great job Brian Tyler, be proud of your work. :)

EpicAvenger ,


This soundtrack sets a standard for modern animated tv shows. Although not every composer for a series has access to a full orchestra, it's still worth saying that with the care put into this soundtrack speaks for itself. Brian Tyler is amazing yet again in his compositions. The way he incorporates the main prime theme subtly into other tracks is spectacular, and I encourage you to give it a listen even if you aren't a fan of cartoons/animation!



Its the best songs from tf prime!!!!! &songs u haven't heard yet from the show!

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