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4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

John and Raven ,

Another level

Devin has taken the form to a higher level. This has some of the energetic poppy atmosphere of Addicted! but also some of the quirky strange metal of Deconstruction. I also get the feeling of complexity reminiscent of Crack the Skye from Mastodon.

This is one of the finest albums ever recorded. Yes I'd recommend it but only if you're serious. This is not simple.

Matthew21B ,

Amazing and beautiful: unlike anything else.

I found this album by recommendation and I couldn't be happier. Devin is such an incredibly talented songwriter. "Failure" is the strongest piece on this album - and ALL the songs are great.

JP2771 ,

A mature DTP is a good DTP

Each DTP album seems to have a theme, and this one clearly shows a band at it's best. The music is not quite as catchy or immediately accessible as "Addicted" but I personally found it to be far more focused than the meandering "Epicloud" or "Sky Blue" half of Z2. Those are both good albums, but they're kind of all over the map. Here, the DTP knows what it's doing, and it really shows, which isn't to say there isn't diversity in the songs... they just flow together better than the other recent albums.

I had my concerns when I read that the album opens with a remake of an old song, has another reworked track that was previously shown on YouTube, and a Ween cover. Combining this info with the stories of Devin saying he felt like he was running out of gas for this project, and I didn't really have my hopes up. Wow, was I wrong!

The extra input from the other band members this time has definitely helped the finished product. "Stormbending" is one of my favorite Devin tracks ever, with a huge, epic feel. The next few, "Failure" and "Secret Sciences" are outstanding as well, followed by "Higher" which I feel is the best track on this album. It's heavy enough to have fit in on the "Deconstruction" album, although it doesn't have the cheesy feel that some of those songs had. A true progressive metal masterpiece!

The second half of the album loses steam a little, but is still very, very good music. I particularly enjoyed "From the Heart" with it's Hindu chant inspired chorus, something different and unexpected.

It's definitely worth it to get the Deluxe Edition with the bonus/demo material. Most of those songs are good enough to have been included in the main album itself, but were probably left off because they didn't fit the feel or flow of the album.

Overall, this is an excellent album, one of the few prog metal albums that is enjoyable to listen to from start to finish.

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