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Kmsarch ,

Where is Prince's Tune - Love, Thy will be done?

The description said it was supposed to be on the best of album, but its not here nor on the other ituns available Martika album. I would love to buy any remix versions of this song written by Prince. It the only one I really like by her. Toy Soldiers is lame in my book.

Setvro72 ,

Where is Love...thy will be done?!?

Also, where is her album 'Martika's Kitchen', which Prince used as a playground?? I must admit I only like the songs on that CD which Prince did such as "love thy will be done" and "Don't say U love me" to name a few-there were more. To this day it is one of those cd's that were lost and I could never recover. "coloured kisses" is a decent song if a bit dated.

PinotYouDidnt ,

Love, thy will be done? Guess not.

I would like to think that if it was available, then iTunes would get the entire album, and then everyone could download the great song "Love, Thy Will Be Done." But this song, and the entire album, is available in the Canadian, Australian, and U.K. iTunes stores. So why not here? Please go to the iTunes website and request it, and hopefully American iTunes will get it on here ASAP.

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