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81 Ratings

J. Thomas Jeans ,

Ben Foster brings his A-game to Torchwood.

For whatever reason, the American iTunes store has released this album for download long before the scheduled release date in the United Kingdom, and being the fan that I am of both Murray Gold and Ben Foster, I jumped at the chance to get the album in digital form.

I can't comment on the presentation of the disc itself as it isn't out yet, but the music itself is astonishing. While Ben Foster isn't quite as seasoned as Murray Gold on the composing front, he more than holds his own. The themes and motifs he's written to represent these characters range between grungy rock and heart-wrenching orchestra.

Stand out tracks include Owen's Theme -- a piece of music that was particularly popular among fans -- and Gray's Theme, which utilizes the voice of Annalise Whittlesea in much the same way Doctor Who utilized Melanie Pappenheim. Captain Jack's Theme is an epic composition that many fans will remember from the series 2 trailer that aired at the end of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

While there's plenty of tracks that get the pulse racing, there's also a lot of quiet emotion on display here. Often the music is much more somber and reflective than what is heard on the parent show, but it manages to avoid the trap of becoming nothing more than atmospheric noise, and it certainly never gets dull. The last 5 tracks on the disc are almost entirely comprised of soft mournful melodies, but it works to great affect.

The extended version of the Torchwood theme is... odd. It begins by pasting the opening titles music (all eight seconds worth) onto the ending titles theme, but then segues into a piece that was used as incidentals on the show. The editing is a bit bumpy, but it works well enough.

The one sticking point, for me, is the lack of music composed by Murray Gold. He did some excellent work in the first episode of series 2, all of which is missing here. This album is almost entirely Ben's baby, and while it's strong enough to stand on it's own two feet, some more of Murray's music would have been nice.

If you're a fan of Torchwood -- or a fan of electronic meets orchestra -- definitely pick up this album. It's worth it.

eelelba ,


Maybe this has been here all along, and I haven't been looking hard enough, but I've been waiting for the Torchwood soundtrack to end up on iTunes since I got hooked on the show last December. Just like it's parent series 'Doctor Who', 'Torchwood' has an amazing soundtrack, so I was relieved to see that it was finally added.
'Memories of Grey' is definently my favorite track; it's what made me want the soundtrack to begin with. Jack and Owen's respective themes also stand out, as well as 'Owen Fights Death' and of course, the 'Torchwood Theme'.

Definently worth checking out., whether you're a fan of Doctor Who, Torchwood, or if you just like great soundtracks... and besides: 32 songs @ 10 dollars total? It doesn't get much better than that!

KneadyRN ,

Great music from a great show.

Wow, I was surprised to find this here as I thought it was going to be released until later in the year. The music on this show is great, fitting in perfectly with the action on screen. My favorite has always been Capt Jack's theme and Jack's love theme from the episode Capt Jack Harkness. If you're a fan of the show you'll love this cd.

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