Icelandic singer/ songwriter Emiliana Torrini collaborates again here with producer Dan Carey. The two appear to be evolving before our ears. Each album refines their approach until we’re at the mystic minimalism of “Autumn Sun,” where—with little more than an acoustic guitar and Torrini’s playfully arranged lead and backing vocals—they create a world of their own. It's appropriate considering that the album title is a made-up word that, according to Torrini, means “the inner good and bad balanced.” Parenthood is said to have given new wonder to Torrini’s life, and there's a protective, cocoon-like feel to the album. Even when she breaks from the ethereal ballad mode of “Elisabet” for the modest dance-floor pop of “Animal Games,” the spectral futurism of “Speed of Dark,” or the extended rhythmic workout of “When Fever Breaks,” it’s with a sense that she’s still safely contained in her own hermetic setting. Inviting us into these atmospheres is kind, even if it is, technically, her job. Just leave your shoes outside in the hall.

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