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1 Rating

E Rockz ,

Phenomenal .. the combination of music and movie

The whole effect of the music that added to a in my opinion a phenomenal movie both go hand in hand to complement each other to the extreme.. you can get the tone of the moment from the acting and the music compliments it all the more ..

venomrider133 ,

Overall very good

For the music, although not a masterpiece it’s still done very well. In songs like “Perilous Sound” you can just hear all of their desperation for survival. And in songs like “Togo Take Us” you just feel the freezing winds as they climb up the snowy mountains. In the song “Harnessed to Your Heart”, well, it’s gonna make you cry. This soundtrack captures the life, death, and beauty this story has to offer. If you’re wondering what the nice violin song at the end of the film is, it’s called “On the Nature of Daylight” which has been used for other films as well like Arrival. I’ve read about the real Serum Run for 4 years now and was NOT disappointed with this film at all despite the few changes they did. (Ex: Togo lost the tip of his right ear due to getting in a fight with 2 Alaskan Malamutes). I see people fighting and arguing about which dog is better “Balto vs Togo” and it honestly kinda sickens me. They’re both heroes and if it weren’t for both of them more children could’ve died. If you wanna lash your anger on someone about Balto getting all the attention, then do it to the newspaper companies. Balto was just doing his job. Togo as a movie is very underrated and actually doing the actual true event justice. I’m shocked that they didn’t release this theatrically. Disney needs to do more films like Togo instead of cash grab remakes to films that don’t need to be remade. And to those who think that this is a “live action remake of Balto” no it isn’t. Togo was part of Balto’s real story and worked the hardest as well. The Balto movie although good, was very inaccurate to the actual story.

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