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19 Ratings

L045905 ,

Great song

This has become one of my most favorite songs. I love the talent of Josh and HighPoint Church and how it is used to reach the lost.

Nora Faith ,

Barebones Review

After getting past the social media plugging, I finally sat down and listened to this track. It is another one of those coincidences - inexplicably except by belief in them - that Phil Tiger's son, whom David is, should be born into his musical career via this, his first christian album track, on the eve of Halloween. There is something happening here and it is obvious.

Many people don't care to see Josh making it with his microphone in the manner of Mick Jagger nor do they especially want to watch him writhing on the floor. If they don't, then they suggest he is selling out to commercialism, has an old-fashioned concept of rock and roll or something. However, what's actually taking place on stage, and what Maze is doing, is about 3000-years old fashioned and very contemporary in approach.

What fans want is somebody that comes down from another planet that you will never possibly visit, and touches you, and goes away again...Hendrix was like that. He was really a quiet guy, a gentleman. He played the Chitlin' Circuit for years. But by the time he got to where he was going, he was the absolute best. You'll never see a guitar player like him, ever. Van Halen and all them guys don't even get close. The man would do a double somersault and come up playing. There's a lot to be learned about performing observing Hendrix.

Ultimately, this track comes down to this: Everything else is insane and simply a matter of either you dig it or you don't. Basically I don't for several reasons. Despite David's musical brilliance and the group's total precision; the poor quality of the songs, and the inanity of the lyrics, too often get in the way. The singer is very much into state-of-mind type lyrics, but even so, lines like "To be honest I don't feel like singing," just don't make it. It is one thing for him to talk arrogantly, and without any pretense at artistry; it's another to write lyrics in this fashion.

Ilcurry ,


Love this song! So true to how we all feel at times. Amazing work, Josh and team!

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