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Fans of the Stone Temple PIlots' debut from 1992, "Core," were all blown away by the band's sophomore album, 1994's "Purple," as well as many outside mainstream grunge fans; all of which saw the album as remarkable. Purple re-evaluated grunge-rock better than any other rock outfit, just before it began to die. An album as remarkable as Purple would be a hard record to beat for any band. It is easy to say that the third STP album, "Tiny Music," is not as good as Purple, because Tiny Music itself is also quite brilliant. As it boils down, Tiny Music sways more toward actual Stone Temple Pilots fans, but their potential is easily admirable, so a large number of real fans is likely. However, those who listen to the band, just as fans of rock, may not enjoy Tiny Music much at all. It's different, softer, and slower than Purple no doubt, but nonetheless, STP manage to execute the more adventurous ideas on Tiny Music with professional polish that most listeners pick up on quickly. The more upbeat jams on the record such as, "Tumble in the Rough," or "Trippin' on a hole," pair with a ghost-of-grunge type sound, while the slower trance songs, "And so I know" "Adhesive," also show the band attempting to rock out slower arsty jams, which they do pull off. The album seems to go by a lot quicker, as STP are very proficient in making their songs concise, but it's a mellow and melodic package of brilliance.

mattya82 ,

The DeLeo's shine

One of the most underrated albums of all time.

Stone Temple Copilot ,


The 12th song on the album is clearly Seven Caged Tigers and not Seven Chaged Tigers...
And it is one of their best songs that they have released so far.

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