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5 Ratings

anitric2000 ,


It's such a shame this score wasn't used in the final film, though, this music is worthy of a much better picture. Jerry Goldsmith would be pleased that his wonderful score can now be heard...apart from that dreadful movie. Richard Donner may have wanted a louder score, but what he got was just boring. This here...this is the good stuff. It's like classic Goldsmith.

Eagle Squad ,

RIP Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith, it would appear, intended to go out with a bang. And the fact that this was rejected must have hit Jerry pretty hard. You just do not go rejecting a score from one of the all-time greatest composers( and this soundtrack is evidence for that)! And while Brian Tyler did do a rather fine job, his work pales in comparison to this. Tyler strove for mindless action, fast-paced music, but Goldsmith here has a melody that flows and stays with the audience, and is emotional as well. He also made a calm, priming set up in track 12, and, as said before, went out with a bang.My only gripe is that you have to buy the whole album just to get to listen to it.

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