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131 Ratings

akonz ,

A "Rare" Artist indeed...

Not many artists write such beautiful songs as Sarah McLachlan, and even less choose to cover such beautiful songs such as Joni Mitchell's "River", The Beatles' "Blackbird", the Righteous Brothers' / Elvis' "Unchained Melody" and manage to do a better job on them than the original artists... Not to mention her beautiful duets of "Time After Time" with Cyndi Lauper and MY favorite duet of all time "Dont Let Go" with the also vocally amazing Bryan Adams. "Pills" with The Perishers is just another hit. You will come to learn that Sarah McLachlan is just FULL of hits. How about a trance song? One of the best Trance songs ever made, "Silence" with the #1 DJ Tiesto In Search of Sunrise Remix. Or how about a beautiful prayer that Sarah so simply yet perfectly set to hopeful music and her Angelic voice, "Prayer of Saint Francis" is stunning and inspiring. Or how about one of the most dreamy songs you'll EVER hear, her version of "The Rainbow Connection" which has been done by Willie Nelson (and kermit the frog of course:) but Sarah just brings that emotional YET truthful beauty in her voice that nobody, nobody else can quite compare to. And we didnt even mention one of the best songs ever created, and one of her own of course, the ALWAYS touching "Angel", now with Emmylou Harris. I can keep going trust me, but just give these songs a full download for yourself and find out. It should be said that this is just a warm-up to her own CD's though, for new fans I suggest you go for her rawest, most personal, and best of the best material first actually, which can be found on her albums "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" "Surfacing" and "Afterglow". As good as these songs are, her own solo and all self-written albums are even better. And I envy you for hearing her for the first time..her music never gets old but it always manages to stay "rare" and feels extremely raw in your gut yet polished in the heart beyond what any pop artist could artifically try to deliver (and believe me they try). You cant compare to the real deal though. Sarah McLachlan is one of the few "rare" (sorry I cant resist:) artists who have no equal, and never will. With Sarah McLachlan's art, she manages to capture something beyond lyrics and sounds.. it's emotions and every lost but yet unforgotten breath experienced in life+death and even the things that are between breaths and cant be said, or things that were never there at all but someday hopefully will be. Hard to explain these things with words...but I tried.

blk_ballard ,

Finally "When She Loved Me!"

Her best song ever is finally available for download!!

DesignHer ,

I agree...FINALLY!

Who really wanted to buy the entire Toy Story soundtrack for one song? "When She Loved Me" is wonderful, as is this entire compilation. I didn't even hesitate to make the purchase, and neither should you!

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