11 Songs, 40 Minutes


Pump your fist to their modern-day fight songs.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics. Apple Digital Master


Pump your fist to their modern-day fight songs.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics. Mastered for iTunes

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4.2 out of 5
920 Ratings

920 Ratings

ABArmy ,

People are never satisfied…just enjoy it.

To the people that are like “Man they soldout, I wish they would play stuff like first two albums that was great” First of all, you’re stupid. If soldout means they want to put out a record and have it be successful then sure I guess they did. And second for those of you so in love with the first two records, It’s not the same cooks in the kitchen as it was back then. Only Brent & Barry were in the band for those. Zack came after Us & Them. Eric came in during or after The Sound of Madness I believe. The same band that produced those two records isn’t here now. There are different minds at work. Plus, why would they want to make the same music over and over? Do you eat the same dinner every night because you loved it the first time? No. And they don’t want to make the same music over and over because what would be the fun in that? They have the passion to make something new and exciting and we should eat it up and enjoy it. Is this album like the rest? no, and that’s a good thing. Sorry for sounding so harsh but, When all is said and done, you need to tie your tongue cause when you spit on everyone ,you were arguing and now you’re asking for it. For those who are loving this album, you know where that’s from ;)

Asa Gaston ,

This isn't Shinedown

They might as well go under a different band name now. Nothing on this cd resembles '45', 'save me' or 'sound of madness'. I know all you "artistic" fans will say "they are evolving and la la la". At the end of the day, Shinedown had a great unique sound. A sound they could have kept and still been artistic instead of writing for the radio to get paid and justifying by saying it sounds different. Unfortunately, we have another Nickelback. Also, Sound of Madness was the last record that Jasin Todd (original guitarist) had anything to do with. I guess we're seeing the impact he had and the void he left.

bendrums ,


After hearing scores of boring, simplistic, and narrow minded songs that seem to dominate the airwaves Shinedown have proven that they can be relevant and create quality music that is more mature and grounded than their past efforts. 10/10 would preorder.

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