10 Songs, 31 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.1 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

HockeyJew702 ,

Don’t listen to Chinesemuchacho down there with the 3 stars

Chinesemuchacho was obviously fed condensed milk instead of breast milk as a baby and does not have a fully developed brain.

I’ll admit Can’t Swim are not the greatest live band, I’ve seen a few live videos that are scary, HOWEVER, they are still a solid group and you can’t judge a band based off videos alone. They are a band you can keep in your back pocket when you’re feeling anxious or nostalgic. They’re great for those nights where you’re driving home late after work, or the bar. Can’t Swim creates these melodies that are so unique and catchy. This new album is their best work and I love every single song. The song “not the way it was” is one of best on the album because it’s a ‘tip of the hat’ to their debut EP, Death Deserves A Name. I love when bands do that. When they refer to an older song or album etc. It just makes that nostalgia factor even more powerful and it really drives home the point a songwriter is trying to make. My favorite depiction of this example comes from a band called Defeater. They scream in one song, “There ain’t nothing like your smile your legs and those eyes and I will beg and steal and borrow to keep you safe your whole life” and sing it cleanly later on in another song.
Genius if you ask me.
I will always be grateful for can’t swim and I appreciate their music very much. This album for $5.99 is a steal. I was expecting to pay $10

Greens avenue ,

One of the best albums this year.

Catchy choruses in every song and just a great album to jam.

Chinesemuchacho ,

Its ok, but nothing new.

A cross between bad Religion and (insert any alternative band here) that is what popped out in my head. It is not bad, but the sound is formulaic and wont bring many fans or praise for reaking any gournd. This is well travelled waters here. The sound is old now.

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